Transcript: Fred & Rita: Car Thief?

Fred & Rita discuss the story of the man arrested for buying an underpriced car. He is now suing the car dealership for $2.2 million
‘I don’t think it’s right,’  says Rita. ‘He doesn’t deserve to get all that money.’
‘Why not?’ says Fred. ‘They got him arrested. Now he’s getting revenge!’
‘He should have paid them the money or given the car back.’
Fred laughs Nobody would do that!
‘I would,’ says Rita. ‘It was a mistake and he took advantage of it. That’s wrong.’
‘But this is car salesmen we’re talking about. They’re famous for getting up to tricks. You know they mess around with the clock to make it look like the car has done less miles.’
‘They don’t all do that - it’s not fair to tarr everyone with the same brush. In any case, that isn’t the point. It doesn’t matter what they do - it’s what you do that counts. And taking money that doesn’t belong to you is like stealing.
‘But that’s not what happened,’ says Fred. ‘They did a deal and for once the car man lost.’
‘I don’t understand why he’s asking for so much anyway,’ says Rita. ‘He was only four hours in jail’
Fred laughs ‘Now, you’re being heartless. Think about the psychological damage to poor Mr Sawyer!. He’ll have nightmares every night about being in that orange jumpsuit
‘I doubt if he had time to put it on, Fred. By the time they had filled out the paperwork, he have been out on the street again.'

© 2013 Kieran McGovern

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